Women Need Men Now More Than Ever

Written by @iamlushparadise 

“We’re living in a time where women need men now more than ever. I truly believe this.

This is why I broadcast my softness and my femininity loud and clear for all those to see and hear. I live and speak my love for being a Wife, the love, respect, and appreciation I have for my Husband, the joys of having home as my base and how I enjoy having my children close to me, homeschooling, etc… I am the polar opposite of what most women aspire to and what is being promoted by mainstream media to women as “progressive”. (I am a rebel 😉) I do so to be repulsive to those women who have an issue with my way of being and lifestyle (Feminists and those influenced by its doctrine)

So they can take their comments and unsolicited opinions elsewhere

And also, to drop seeds in hopes that they will fall on fertile soil and change their way of thinking and beliefs

That they will return home to their natural state of being so the family can be restored. We often hear that Women hold the keys to the healing of the world.

And we do.

But most are going about it in the wrong way.

You can only do so by being yourself. By living according to your nature and allowing the masculine to do what is his to do.
We all have a part to play even when things seem so uncertain.

If you’re desiring to return home, join this group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/thefeelhive/”

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