Will Male Feminists Return to Traditional Roles?

Those who regularly visit my page are fairly clear on the fact that I am NOT pro radical feminism.

Most of 2nd wave and all of 3rd and 4th wave feminism have done so much harm to women, children, men and the family structure.

With its roots in man envy, the quest for “liberation” and taking zero responsibility for actions has glorified self-objectification. The end result has been doing exactly what they say male chauvinists want them to do: parade their nakedness, free the nipple and slutwalk movements, provision of sex-on-demand with no strings attached, performance of wifey duties without ever having to put a ring on it, get her pregnant and have her run to the abortion clinic or she’ll have the baby with no expectation of his financial or parental responsibility (and definitely no shotgun wedding), or have her working full time, plus take care of the kids, the home and extracurricular activities or better yet have her work and pay all the bills while he plays video games at home.

One would think the above would be considered “oppressive” but it is the liberated norm these days.

These are all examples of life with a rad fem who claims she is all about equality.

Though men like some of the above mentioned benefits, they oftentimes, complain that rad fems are combative, overly sensitive and emasculating.

Traditional minded women enjoy their femininity and gravitate towards doing that which protects her femininity.

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She understands the value of gender roles and marriage and will insist on proper courtship and is not opposed to managing the home once married. She values family so much that she looks forward to mothering, being there for the children and knows that when the man is acting as protector/ provider, he is at his best and often excels faster in the workplace. Such a man appreciates when a woman is less stressed because she isn’t attempting to prove she can do it all by being pulled in 5000 directions with a day job + the household job. With her, there isn’t the competitive, combative energy in the home.

Of course there are exceptions to any situation, but these generalizations I find to be more true than false.

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