Where Christian Cooper Went Wrong

I watched the video, read the CNN article, I pulled Mr. Cooper’s Facebook post with 32k emoticon impressions and thousands of comments.

In regards to the black man who a white woman called the cops on in the dog park in NYC

I saw that the vast majority of comments represented were:
1) morally outraged woke white folks, and
2) traumatized angry, recently ‘Ahmauded’ black and POC folks.

They were glad she was fired and felt outrage at the way she treated her dog during the incident.

The minority of comments raised a few questions about Mr. Cooper’s comment made to her prior calling the police.

Since I am already well familiar with the majority opinion and commentary, I wanted to address the questions raised by the minority by adding my thoughts:

It’s a lone woman and her small dog in a somewhat secluded area with a lone man.

It’s the #metoo era.

It’s an election year.

We’ve all been “Ahmauded”: pummelled with race click baiting. Emotions are high.

She was wrong to have an unleashed dog.

He asked her to leash it. She showed no signs of willingness to cooperate with the posted city ordinances.

In a secluded area of the park, in the #metoo era, in an election year and a race baiting & Ahmaud month, she has indicated that she doesn’t respect the rules, he tells her he will do what he wants and she isn’t going to like it.
She may or may not be thinking this man, a black man, is going to harm her. But she knows he had said he is going to do something she isn’t going to like. Her mind is racing. He starts throwing treats at the dog. He pulls out his camera to record her.

She calls the cops and inserts RACE in her plea for help rather than simply saying she feels threatened.

Insert all the historical incidences of white women falsely accusing (black) men.

Insert all the emotions hyped up by media propogandizing race wars every election cycle.

I have 3 issues with how this escalated: 1) him saying what he said to her in the #metoo era knowing women are prone to use that to their advantage. 2) her using the outdated historical notions of preservation of white women against all dangers in society (sex and violence of black men) at all costs by the insertion of race in her phone call to the cops. 3) Did this occur at her job, hence her firing?

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