Welfare Creates A Society of Sluts

By Roosh V

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The countries I’ve visited with the most feminine women have also had the least helpful social welfare programs. If you know how much a country spends on their welfare in relation to GDP, you can come close to predicting how feminine, compliant, and nurturing their women are.

If a woman knows that she can be impulsive, a b*#$, a slut, or get knocked up by any man, yet still receive free food, shelter, and a mobile phone from the government, what incentive is there for her to settle with a good man and keep him happy? Why would she pick any man who works in a “boring” job like engineering or computer programming instead of having exciting hookups with the indie guitarist who plays every Tuesday night at the dive bar?

When a girl thinks she can play the game for fifteen years, she simply won’t give a provider a chance until her womb is polluted, until her body is twenty pounds beyond its optimum carriage, and until she’s so entitled that the poor sap who marries her can’t possibly give her satisfaction. His life will turn upside down when she gets bored, divorces him, and takes his money.

In countries where welfare doesn’t exist, picking the guitarist over the engineer will actually decrease a girl’s survival chances. She may end up homeless and have to depend on the church for beetroot soup. She will definitely not have a car, a good home, or an iPhone, not even an older model. She will not have reliable access to health care. Therefore she must be extremely careful about who she sleeps with, and only when she’s still very young can she slip once or twice and f*#$ the bad boy without a condom. But if she’s still f’ing a bohemian who smokes weed every day after she’s 25, her future will be bleak as the odds she enters poverty becomes 100%.

Ukraine doesn’t have welfare for women. Women there must find a husband or else they are in big trouble. While Ukrainian women can be tough, extractive, and transactional, especially for naive men raised in Western suburbia, they ultimately make for excellent partners. I got into a great relationship just one month after I landed in the industrial shithole of Kharkiv, and it ended up being more satisfying than all the relationships I’ve had with American women. The amount of pleasure she gave me based on the little work I had to put in was not surprising considering that she wanted to show her worth so I would deem her a good wife. Even upon marriage, she would not taper her womanly duties because a divorce would put her on the street.

There are three ways a woman can survive in this world:

1. Working
2. Government (welfare)
3. Husband

If you want an opportunity to meet the best women in the world, simply pick a country with low wages and no welfare. Those women will run, not walk, to the boring provider who has zero game, a 100 pound bench press, and clothing from Old Navy. I’m not saying you’ll bang a lot of hot party girls in those countries, but I am saying that you will find a caring wife one-hundred times easier than in America.

You must go to a country where a man of modest means, who is making GDP level income, is a far better bet for a woman than the government. This is not the case in many Western countries, especially Scandinavia, where the government provides a much better deal than any man. The irony of Scandinavia is that their taxes are so high to provide those gold-plated benefits that it’s almost impossible for a man to compete with the government as a provider. The government cockblocks its own male citizens, who have the indignity of having to pay for the cockblocking. Is it any surprise that the biggest sluts in the world exist in Scandinavia? Why be a good woman when the government will bail your slutty behavior out? Their governments are too beta for sluts to fail.

It’s much easier to choose a bi-annual visit to a welfare office to get monies directly deposited in a bank account while succumbing to whorish tendencies than to serve one man and ensure that his marital investment is paying off. If there is no potential for the woman to endure financial hardship after getting kicked to the curb for being lazy, foul, or unattractive, then the institution of marriage will collapse. There would be no incentive for it.

Government welfare is a woman’s backup plan, letting her know that if she fails with pleasing a man, with internet dating, with a strategy of one-night stand empowerment units, she will not be on the street. In addition to its soft form of government paper-pushing jobs, welfare provides incentive for the worst part of female nature to be released, subsidizing alphas with the right attitude but wrong job while reducing betas—who contribute most to society through their slavish labor—to masturbation and sex dolls. Note that welfare for men, in the form of unemployment benefits, doesn’t have the same perverse effect as welfare for women, because a man does not marry to be provided for. Therefore if you want a society of good wives, and not just good sluts, welfare for all women must be abolished.

Once the abolishment takes place, women who already made bad decisions with men will suffer and wind up on the street, begging private charities for food while turning to prostitution. Their children will be admitted to foster homes to be trained as future criminals of the state. But this suffering will provide a much needed example to young women, still motherless and in the prime of their fertility, of what type of future is in store for them if their slut stage goes beyond one or two bad boy cocks. If anything, school trips in fortified yellow buses can be taken through bad neighborhoods where it’s easy to see how yesterday’s party slut is today’s dazed streetwalker.

As men we have to ask ourselves what type of women we ultimately want. If it’s good sluts, the Western world will more than provide (as long as you can provide tight game). If it’s good women, we must change the state’s policies or—more simply—relocate to countries where the state does not compete with us and encourage women through generous welfare programs to live a life of f’ing around instead of maintaining a good family. I hope you choose wisely, because your future as a father and husband will depend on it.

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