Trusting Your Husband to Lead

By Wifey For Lifey Group

There is something so beautiful about a woman who is thoughtful and insightful enough to understand the force of nature that she is and natural power she wields when she is herself and is more than comfortable navigating her own lane. Why try to behave and think like a man when she can understand his nature and work on perfecting her own??? Great advice given by the founder of Wifey for Lifey Group below:

A Masculine mas would rather feel unloved than inadequate or disrespected.

I recently received a DC from a wife about how her husband has not been receptive to her request for him to take off work due to his health issues. She can see that he is stressed out, but feels angry because it appears that he is not listening to her.

First, I want to say that our husbands do hear us when we speak, but they will not always react how we want them to. Your husband wants to feel that you trust his judgment (even if you don’t yet).

There is nothing wrong with sharing advice with your husband (after all you are ONE), but he needs to know that you trust his ability to lea. this is hard as a modern day woman – but it’s life-changing.

The best thing you can do to change your husband’s heart or attitude is to reassure him that you trust his decision and leave it in God’s hands. Tell him you are worried about him, but will support him in any way that you can.

Then move on. You are not his mom. It will not be easy, but it’s the most effective strategy. I am currently reading the book ‘For Women Only’. It is a guide in helping you lean the male psyche. Grab it at this link.

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