The Value of Good Fathers and Parenting

 and @realcandaceowens on the VALUES, FATHERS and good parenting.

Both women are who they are because of the presence in their childhood of MEN (fathers and grandfathers) who had character, believed in family and good work ethic.

Mia Love’s parents came to the US with $10 and put three children through college with no handouts. Candace Owen’s granddad grew up sharecropping, like my own mother who is about the same age as Candace’s granddad. Her granddad now owns the land he grew up on.

The message both stories provide for us is the belief in SELF, God and family.

Raising little girls, I am especially keen to ensure they have the mindset that will one day be attracted to GOOD men, to family men. In order for this is occur, they will have had to understand the value and purpose of a man and family to a woman’s life.

There is very little in social media, entertainment or the education system that promotes healthy relationships, marriage and strong family values.
In fact, much of the media geared towards black children and all children for that matter, is orienting them towards unmarried, baby mama drama lifestyle. And to be honest, I don’t think the Black Church has done a good job of being an effective voice and advocate for traditional family.

So where does this leave us? I always say, bloom where you are planted. It doesn’t matter what your life circumstances are, you can seek and learn to do the work that brings better outcomes. Follow inspirational and family oriented folks on social media, ask questions, discover your own values, write them down, figure out how you plan to live by then, exemplify them, share that knowledge with your children, eat meals together and talk, turn off the TV, put away the devices, become even more engaged and INTENTIONAL in this process called life.

Young ladies, understand that you can not live haphazardly. Your body is important, your mind is gold. Dating, sex, situationships… everything you do has consequences. Ask yourself, “Do I want a good life 10 years from now?” Understand what you do and WHO you choose to do it with matters. A lot is required for a GOOD man to have access to you.

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