The thought of defunding the police departments is HORRIFIC

The thought of defunding the police departments is HORRIFIC, with no guardians present. I’ll send you articles of people in a Baltimore, the city where I live, clamoring for more police protection. They defunded police and pulled back police involvement after the rioting 5 years ago for the Freddy Gray incident, and crime has shot up. In January 12 shootings in one day, 12 in 24 hours. And these over-emotional people, with no solutions want less police.

We need better check and balances, yes. Sensitive training, better outlets for cops, mental health assessments, relationship with the cops patrolling and the community but defunding them, God forbid!

I don’t condone what happened at all, but my father retired from the force and I have other family members in the force. Thankfully honorable men but it takes it wear on them. I’ve talked to men who were so heavy with the burden of seeing daily savagery… it takes it’s toll. Had a conversation last year at party with an inner city cop and I just cried as he felt safe enough to open up his heart, he didn’t know me but just needed someone to listen.

Ultimately what keeps happening is inexcusable but it’s also undeniable that seeing savagery day in and day out, builds tolerance towards violence. A part of me sadly can at least understand that when all you see is brutality within a community you’re called to protect, it must be awfully hard to separate that in every instance. The message we as a community sends to the whole world is we don’t value our life, or yours, and therein lies the biggest issue.

— The writer wishes to remain anonymous

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