The Pursuit of Value Births Hierarchies

Part 2

As a follow up to the first post about how Value Propositions give Purpose to one’s life, I’d like to touch on how the presence of something valuable, which is to be obtained, creates competition and competition creates hierarchies of competence. I’d like to note here that competition should not be feared. It is only when we lack confidence in ourselves that fear having to compete. Further below, I will show how culture plays a great role in producing, not only confidence, but pride in oneself.

Jordan Peterson on Hierarchies

If we are going to pursue value, the pursuit would inevitably be done in a social space. Within that social space, multiple people will pursue the same object of value. As is true in all things, some will be better, faster, more apt to attain the goal than others. Herein is where the hierarchy is birthed and this hierarchy is based on competence. Competence levels are based on how effectively or ineffectively a person is able to accomplish the pursuit.

As I share these concepts with my children, I understand that they, as most people in the West, are confronted with issues related to whether or not there is a level playing field from which individuals compete in the game of life. Added to this, there is the discussion of race and inequality. The conversation becomes even more sticky when we introduce class into the equation.

While it may be easy for us to drown in the quicksand of race, inequality and class, the first step, for me, is culture. Every human being is born into a culture. Culture is a way of life, lifestyle, customs, traditions, heritage, habits, ways, mores, values, etc. Culture formulates mindset so long as the person’s mind is on autopilot.

Culture, in my opinion, is the factor that trumps race, the presence of inequalities and class differences. The following videos excerpts speak to this:

Coleman Hughes on Disparities

Continue videos below.

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In my opinion, a culture that prioritizes family bonds and the family unit, education, economics, faith, religion and the preservation of the community at-large, will find itself experiencing less (overall or generally speaking) adverse outcomes of discrimination and disparity, and far more equipped to compete or create their own systems of hierarchy. Such a culture produces the type of experiences that can induce confidence in self and pride in personal and group achievements. For examples, we can study, Caribbean immigrants, Asian communities and Jewish communities.

I would much rather prepare my children for life with an outlook that appreciates how and why being an intentional member, recipient of and participant in a positive culture will indeed provide them with much more satisfaction which will, in turn, inspire them to compete for every value proposition that they desire for the advancement of themselves and their family.

Furthermore, such youths will become untriggerable in the face of societal pressure to derail their thinking and co-opt their emotions; thereby affecting the outcomes of decisions they will be faced with in life. See my article on the need for a cadre of untriggerable youths for an exploration of this idea.

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