The Privilege of Homemaking

By @afemininefascinatingwife

I used to jokingly refer to myself as a “Residential Services Coordinator” But I am now content with the title “Homemaker”. There is no other profession that is irreplaceable. A homemaker in packs for immediate family and the generations that follow, along with her community in ways that are impossible to measure. I’m so grateful to have this privilege!”

I was touched in a measurable ways by this beautiful woman’s share on one of my posts. Although I would enjoy expounding on many of the fruitful concepts she touched on, at this moment, I would like to highlight One of the ways in which are blessed role impacts the community.

We raise our children in the manner that we know to be true and as we do so, they inevitably emerge into and interact with in communities in which they are raised. Their mindset, values and thinking informs their behavior and their decision-making processes. All of the above will indeed impact the people around them in immeasurable ways.

When playing with friends, do they drop their emptied bag of chips on the ground or do they drop it into the nearest garbage bin? Do they pick up their friend’s litter and ask them why not throw it in the bin so that the trash collector has less work or so that the park remains pretty? (as an example) Do they acknowledge and greet passersby, do they thank the person who holds the door open for them? Do they compliment someone or help an elderly person with a heavy bag?

These are examples that highlight a child’s upbringing. On the rare occasion my children attempt to litter, I ask ( or admonish) them to pick it up and explain why ( for 800th time). To me, presence of mind and repetition are important to having desired behaviors naturally manifest in the child’s mind, like a reflex.

I, for one, am always pleased when a child I don’t know reflects good upbringing. I smile and share the story with my children. I feel especially pleasant when interacting with other, after having seen that child and I believe the goodwill will continue to pass on from one person to another; much like a chain letter.

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  • Kira

    Hi. I just stumble upon your blog and I am curious to hear your take on male homemakers. Thank you and God bless!

    • leahlove

      Hi! Thanks for that question! While there are more and more families who have made this decision lately, based on economic comparison of the father’s income versus the mother’s income. While I do feel that women are usually more suited to homemaking, if it is a question of the children having NO at – home parent or a father at-home parent, I would definitely prefer the latter.

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