The Joy of Cooking

By @ahomefortheholidays 

I simply adore experiencing other women’s homemaking through their words. So much heart and intention goes into this very necessary role of homemaker.

I’m a natural homebody, so being home during this time isn’t a big change. Since me and little man can’t go to library story time, the thrift stores, or general appointments I’ve been filling up the time with flexing my cooking muscles. As a homemaker my favorite duty is cooking/baking.

There’s something about chopping, grating, sauteing, stirring, kneading, seasonin, frying that makes me feel at peace. I know for other housewives it’s being crafty, gardening, or cleaning. I love trying new recipes(like the apple carrot spiced muffins I made. They were delicious and little man approved😊) and trying to copy cat recipes from restaurants (I recreated a pizza from one of our favorite pizzerias. It tasted exactly the same for way cheaper).

I also made some oldies but goodies like baking bread and making sausage and lentil soup (which is also a restaurant copy cat). I find immense joy in feeding my family delicious and healthy foods, not to mention how my family loves my cooking 😁.”

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