Subsidizing Lifestyle Decisions

I am going to be honest because it is my blog and it is a place where I can share my thoughts, despite the fact that the ‘thought police’ is scouring the internet for something to be angry about.

Yes, social safety nets, in my opinion, are humane and necessary.

When families or individuals, unexpectedly run into financially hard times due to job loss, a long term illness, etc, such social safety nets are indeed humane and necessary.

However, when its presence becomes a ‘back up plan’ for life decisions, it leads to decisions that might not have otherwise been made.

Because I would rather not deep dive into the panicked excuses for why people make the decisions they make, I’d like to share my thoughts on excuses. The situation for a large swath of the ‘black collective’ has gotten to the point where we can 1) keep discussing WHY it is happening and get lost in the land of Ne’erDoWell or 2) draw a line in the sand and decide to make some really tough changes in mindset and behaviors.

I admit that option 2 can be more difficult for children and teens still living in dysfunctional homes, however for adults there should be no excuses, if the mindset is that their backs are against the wall and there is no back door or opt-out button.

Imagining the following scenario might give context:

Imagine you’ve been given a notice by the federal government that if you do not have a verifiable long-term illness or rigorous evidence of looking for employment, you would be cut off from federal aid within 30 days. If your current circumstances meet the requirements for continued federal aid, if you have additional children, you’d receive NO additional support on top of what you are currently receiving, to include NO additional WIC or EBT benefits.

The point here is that there would be no federal aid incentives for having additional children. The point is additionally salient when you consider that, currently, a lot of women come from a culture that supports the idea that having sex with men who are not marriage minded and willing to take responsibility for their children is perfectly acceptable. It is acceptable because they know that there is a safety net for them.

Setting emotion aside and honestly considering the imaginary scenario above, one would have to ask themselves some questions. If women understood that if they were able-bodied enough to work and don’t have an illness that makes them incapable of working, there would be NO safety net to financially assist them in caring for the children they birth, would women’s sexual behaviors and mindset shift?

I ask these questions of myself because I am deeply invested in Black people taking greater personal responsibility for their lives; whether racism exists or not. Taking personal responsibility and installing a system of personal accountability will indeed transform the culture through an adherence to a value system that is more than empty words and slogans. Doing so would mean the death of liberal ideologies that are currently in control of the mental conditioning that informs the social and lifestyle narrative of many Black people. Transforming the culture means hope and purposeful actions towards progress.

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