Preparation of the Bedroom

“The preparation of the #bedroom for evening should have a special ritualistic significance. After I’ve turned down the bed, I lay out my nightgown and robe – this is a very nostalgic gesture, as it takes me back to when I was a child and my mother did it for me.
Putting on fresh, loose clothing, and approaching the bed at the end of a long exhausting day is one of life’s delightful moments. The anticipation of an uninterrupted peace is special. Your #bedtime ritual is terribly important and should not be rushed.

Set the stage for bedtime by having a few practical #luxuries at hand. An attractive, accurate alarm clock is a necessity. The clock is often the first thing we see when we awaken, and the sound of the alarm, the rhythm of the movement, can be a comfort or an irritation. Be sure your clock is reliable and provides you with a comforting, soothing element.

When I am quiet and peaceful I am far more receptive to beauty and my senses awaken fully. It’s nice to have pictures of loved ones next to your bed, and also a flower in a bud vase. Virginia Woolf admits to looking at a single flower and in a moment discovering and understanding the reality that the whole world is art. Contemplated just before falling asleep, a flower can have the power of an entire garden. It’s soothing to have a special flower to study and appreciate.

I try to select one for my bedroom that has a strong scent – paper-white narcissus, tuberose, gardenia, jasmine or hyacinth, but many people can’t sleep with a strongly scented flower next to their beds and prefer a more delicately perfumed one. The point is to have near you something alive, something beautiful, and something that holds a special meaning.”

Alexandria Stoddard, Living a Beautiful Life

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