Pregnant Women, Why Are You Working So Hard?

My deepest desire is that women feel perfectly comfortable with the idea that if they are birthing babies into the world with a husband by their side, they should not have to work 2 jobs up to the day of delivery.
This lovely lady was carrying twins and also, per the photo that was uploaded with the message, has a toddler.

It is not necessary or healthy to work so hard (physically) while ensuring his legacy.
I don’t consider a man to be standing in his healthy #masculinity if he agrees with his heavily pregnant wife working 2 jobs up to the day of her delivery.

I can only assume she is going back to her two jobs with a few weeks of delivery, only to stay in the care of strangers until graduating from high school.

Everything is turned upside down and there is so little respect for mothers and children.

I love being a wife and mom and am so glad I woke up and removes myself from struggle love. My desire is that all women realize that we deserve the best and better than this. Our health and happiness is at stake as is that of our children. Join my FB GROUP: WHEN THE DESTINATION IS HEALTHY PROSPEROUS MARRIAGE.

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