Planning a wedding, a marriage and a life is not the Woman’s role or duty

In 75 days I am planning to see the most outstanding, most awesome, most wonderful, most amazing woman, my bride, my love, my sweetheart – Leah.  With a soft warm morning breeze, the sun rays glistening between the branches, the strings singing a melody of love, my bride will seem as if she is just gracefully floating down the aisle.   To join me at the alter.  For the two strands of life, our souls, to be uniquely joined like a rope.  Strong, unwavering, determined, bond of life. 

April 14th, 2019, seems so far away …  but in the blink of an eye the day will be here. 

I am so looking forward to exiting the vehicle of bachelorhood and enter into the ranks of the married.  In my profession I have had the distinct fortune to meet thousands of people.  Yet it is the couples that I most identify with.  Married 20, 30, 40, 50 years.  It is not just about suffering through marriage.  But to meet and see couples for whom so many years later the Man …. the Husband still looks at his woman …. his wife …. and is beaming as he speaks about her like she just walked down the aisle a few minutes ago.  And to see a Woman …. the Wife speak about her Man with such glow, admiration, and respect like she did on the day of their wedding. 

There is much chaos and confusion in the world and communities we live in.  Pessimism is at an all-time high.  However, I am not going to be dissuaded.  I am going to welcome this Beautiful woman into my life and into my home with great vigor and joy. 

But the excitement is not just about this most Beautiful woman.  It is about the most Beautiful family this uniting will create.  The blending of our children.  Giving them a true example of the natural beauty, peace, and happiness that can come about with the uniting of soulmates. 

After all these words, I can only imagine, you are wondering what this blog is about ….. this blog is about the creation of a family but from a man’s perspective.  At least this man’s perspective.  It is about the work that goes into creating family success with wealth and financial sustainability.  It is about the joy and pleasure that comes about when my next generation, our children, grab hold of the flame, determined to carry on the family name and tradition.  But not being selfish for the thought of only looking for the success of my own children, I hope this blog inspires other men to dig deep into their consciousness and soul, rise up to be the great men and husbands and fathers that each of us was born to be and destined to become. 

Guys, planning a wedding, planning a marriage, planning a life is not the Woman’s role or duty.  It is our duty.  Duty to guide, direct, advise, and be involved.  The wedding day should have as much if not more significance for the groom as it has for the bride.  Because, ultimately the bride is taking on our name.  She is investing herself in us.  Men we need to be leading the way, preparing the ground, tilling and fertilizing the soil.  Men are you tilling and fertilizing your soil or is you soil dry, rocky, parched, and full of thorns?  When the wedding officiant makes the pronouncement and presents Husband and Wife, the seed is planted.  How well is it going to grow?  Men that is directly up to us …. we hold the key!!!

Thank you for considering the words on this blog.  Look forward to sharing more thoughts and fun on the way to marital and family happiness. 

Dr. Eric

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