Ode to the Stay At Home Mom

It’s with gratitude that I take time to beautify myself and environment.

Go-slow was a well earned decision after years of working outside the home while raising a family. But first, I needed to choose a man who appreciated a woman basking in her #feminine role as wife and Mother. Go-slow can not be accomplished with a man who values a “do-it-all” stressed out, overworking, overwhelmed woman. I know, in my heart, that a majority of women would consider go-slow as a viable choice if they weren’t afraid of social and familial condemnation.

The excerpt below from Dr. Laura Schlessinger’s book sums up my current mood:

“If you decide that the most important thing about your life is your worker-ant role, you’ll likely feel drained a lot of the time and resent the obligations you have to your husband and children—obligations that, ironically, will save you from that feeling of being drained in the first place.

You are not loved, adored, and intimately needed at work. Check out all the competitive backbiting, layoffs, and computerization and mechanization substitutions for human beings going on in the workplace. Meanwhile, you are a goddess to your children and a queen to your husband.

Let’s see. Aside from the paycheck issue, which one is more nourishing and rewarding?

Now let me make something completely clear. I am not suggesting married women should not work. I am not suggesting that there is no valid form of personal expression of creativity and special gifts outside the home. Obviously, I have a radio and writing career. I just took up sailing. I love taking on challenges and doing service. But from day one, I have always made it clear to everyone, especially my #husband and child, that if anything got in the way of family, it would get tempered or excised.

It’s one thing to have a tiring, stressful day—or even week. It’s another thing to allow outside activities, no matter how seemingly important, to routinely get in the way of obligations to the roles created by #holy vows, moral obligations, and #love.”

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