My Life as Domestic CEO, CFO, CIO.

By Alma Kohanziadeh Ben-Adonai

As CEO, CFO, CIO, I run the house. I take care of the finances in my home. I am responsible for the dissemination of information in my home as well as the well being of my household.

I make sure that my home runs like a well-oiled machine and that my children are always neat, clean and very well groomed. I am responsible for ensuring that my children have playmates who come from like-minded families who are of the same ilk.

I make sure that my husband, who is the protector and provider, is always well loved, taken care of and that his needs are met in the home; this ensures that he is more than happy to go out and brave the elements so that I don’t have to.

I make sure that our home is scrupulously clean, safe and comfortable. I have a check list for making sure that all of the machines in the home are maintained and in perfect working order, from the car to the vacuum. If there is a problem it is nipped in the bud before it becomes a catastrophe. I have a checklist to also keep up with appointments and checkups with the dentist and doctors. I make sure all activities are met for their schooling. I am heavily involved and our culture and heritage. I make sure our children understand our language, culture, beliefs and heritage. We also have etiquette classes just as I did growing up to ensure that our children know how to comport themselves in society.

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I make sure that our household budget is on point and I keep an excel spreadsheet detailing every time that comes in-and-out of the home.

And after all of the above, which isn’t hard if you are organized, I make time to pursue my own interests; such as a jewelry design, pottery, sewing, baking and glass blowing.

My children are happy because their mother is home, is there for their activities and that their home is clean, secure and calm. My husband knows this as well and it makes him happy because it affords him more time to be with the children when he is home. He knows that I am the prize. Is silly brother once told him to trade me in for a newer model. My husband said no thanks!!

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