Murder Statistics (2018)

I agree dealing with injustice where ever it exists. George Floyd should not have been murdered. Period.

However, I have had to LEARN to back up emotions with rationale and facts so that we have a solid case when righting wrongs. As parents, it’s a huge priority in rearing our children. This is really important because based on epigenetics, pain and trauma can be passed down from parent to child, and it can be crippling if parents don’t heal thereby allowing another generation to carry that burden.

We know that the easiest way to manipulate a person and predict behavior is to train them to react emotionally and without thinking. If they are already predisposed to carrying wounds based on what they learned in the home (trauma bonding and intense lingering feelings of victimization), these children become especially useful as canon fodder for to politicians and radical movement leaders – easily triggered, like psyops level stuff.

One of the best methods to throw water on the flames is the use of statistics. Children aren’t dumb. They get it when given the facts.

Along with facts, what’s equally important, for me, is to help them navigate their emotions after seeing traumatizing images repeated over and over in social media and the trauma discussed ad nauseum by their friends and other family members.

Yes, homeschooling helps. They aren’t immersed in negativity for 10 hours a day. Also, limiting their access to social media (putting their phones and devices away for longer periods of time) and engaging them in activities that stimulate the mind and body: such as reading books, exercising, chores, household jobs like painting, redecorating their rooms, gardening with you, talking with you, making dinner together, having theme based in-house parties.

As a parent, I will not sit like a lame duck and allow the outside world to control the narrative inside my home and to control my children’s mind; making them less apt to look forward to life.

Check out these stats

2018 Census

In 2018, the Black, non-hispanic, population of the US was 13.4% of 328,239,523 citizens. This amounts to approximately 43,984,096 Black Americans.

2018 Murder Victims by Race, Ethnicity and Sex

Per the FBI, there were a total of 14,123 murder victims in 2018.
Of that total:

7,407 were black victims and of that total,
6,237 were male victims and
1163 were female victims.

52.44% of US murder victims were Black.
44.16% of US murder victims were Black males.
8.23% of US murder victims were Black females.

Black US population is 13.4%

2018 Murder Rate By Race, Sex and Ethnicity of the Offender


Black SINGLE offenders murdered 2600 black people and 514 white people.
White SINGLE offenders murdered 234 black people and 2677 white people.

Of these numbers:
Black SINGLE offenders murdered 2430 males and 745 females.
White SINGLE offenders murdered 1942 males and 1064 females.

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