Minimum Wage discriminates against those who it’s designed to help

Here, Walter Williams beautifully describes how progressive policies and ideologies have been detrimental to those they are supposedly designed to help. As an advocate for #walkaway from the Democratic party, as well as an advocate for the focus on rebuilding and solidifying the family, I believe that those of liberal leanings must gain a better understanding of basic economic principles.

It’s vitally important because economics and poverty are two issues which illicit high levels of emotionalism and therefore are a great tool for politicians to use to grab voter attention, endear themselves to voters promising a better life. Without a fundamental understanding of economics, voters are easily fooled because most people want to align themselves with what they think is in their best interest. This is natural.

However, for us to improve our lot in life and protect and uphold the principles that provide a means for us to pursue our best interest, as Walter Williams says, it’s important to look, not at the INTENTIONS of public policy and newly introduced programs, but at the EFFECTS it will have, if implemented.

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