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I am so excited to announce the launching of my new Patreon page called, ‘The Bus Transfer’. I aim to answer the call of my supporters for a space where they can work through their transition from Leftist politics and ideologies. Notice I did not insert any political party of group. This space is all about those waking up from the Radical Liberal agenda. It’s for everyone, ALL races and it’s an acknowledgement that it is time to fill the void that happens when one #walksaway from the agenda. It’s not easy to do and this is why I want to provide my input and advice on how I have made it through this process.

What is a Bus Transfer?
“A transfer allows the rider of a public transportation vehicle who pays for a single-trip fare to continue the trip on another bus or train.” – Wikipedia

We paid a single fare in this thing called ‘life’, we only get one ride from beginning to end, however, here we are asking for that transfer ticket so that we can get off the auto-piloted bus and get onto another bus where greater freedom of thought is allowed.  And so, although we don’t live on a island by ourselves, we are in the process of navigating this journey from the Left to Right and usually we are doing so live and direct, in front of others, while feeling very much alone in the process. Our new thinking often collides with multi-faceted aspects of our lives and The Bus Transfer Patreon page discusses that gray area, that somewhere in the middle or to the right or perhaps we don’t even know WHERE it is, but it’s definitely not Left. This is a space to belong, to explore, to think, to be moved, to be challenged, maybe to cry with the great possibility of laughing. Whether you are Black, White, Asian, Mexican, from planet mars and you just want to not feel so alone, this is the place for you. I cover book reviews, current events, mentalism, mindset shifts, inspiration, anti-radical feminism, anti-marriage and more. In other words, I talk about just about everything that has been making our lives miserable and we thought it was ‘just the way things are’.  My intent is not to drown in the negativity of where we have come from but to lightly touch on where we have come from in order to focus on the great opportunities we have for the here and now.

SPECIAL NOTE: I am an American first. I am African descent as a side note. HOWEVER, I will definitely cover some topics as it relates to those who were born of African descent and who were wallowing in various aspects of ‘pro-woke-blackness’ and are experiencing deeply troubling transition INTO American mainstream. Truly it IS a very relevant psychological experience that we can not sweep under the rug as it involved a high level of group-wide brainwashing into a ‘black culture’ that permeates every fiber of most ‘black people’ in America. This is not an experience that ALL Americans have gone through or are coming AWAY from and so I do have an additional tiered membership for those who want to learn about that additional awakening. This tier is welcome to ALL people but the focus in this tier is for conversations about the ‘Uncle Tom’ experience. (For those who do not know what I am referring to, please check out Larry Elder’s new movie called ‘Uncle Tom’. It is available for streaming online at his website.) This additional tier is a space to validate that the brainwashing did happen and now it is time to relieve ourselves of it and integrate ourselves into AMERICAN society. So, please no arguments or invalidations of experiences will be allowed.

Check out the three tiers and join today! I appreciate your support!

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