In Defense of the Homemaker

Radical Feminism has infected the world and though the ideology is supposed to fight for women’s freedom to choose their lifestyle and goals, that freedom never includes freedom to be a homemaker.

Understand, that women and men are infected with the virus of Rad Fem ideology.

You will be told that should you set the clock back 60 years, you will fall into a pit of oppressive despair, barefoot and pregnant with no resources to escape your tyrant of a husband. He will leave you for a younger, ‘ambitious’ woman and you will be left penniless and without skills or history in the workforce.

Your mother-in-law, your friends, previous co-workers, sisters and brothers will all tell you their unsolicited opinions on your decision and some will be quite vicious in tone.

Remember that though people pretend to have super hardened ideas about how life should go, they often have internal doubts when faced with the hardships of their decisions. They often can’t quite put their finger on it, that something that seems off, that they can’t quite put their finger on, and your having put YOUR finger on it, will be an affront and make them question everything they have aligned themselves with; the results of which they are tethered to for life in some cases.

When I made the decision to be a Homemaker, I wrote out my goals, desires, dreams. I wrote out my personal ‘Whys’. I journaled about my value system, my beliefs, my faith and understand that if I was to take control of my life, I would need to be able to defend it. Initially I feared it. I mean, what would I say to detractors? I’d probably shrink into a puddle of doubts or so I thought.

I learned along the way that my solidifying my belief system and faith, I realized that my energy shifted. I no longer answered to or feared humankind and their opinions. What was right, was right and I had only ONE being to answer to.

So should I defend my decision to be a Homemaker? No.

Decidely No.

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