Identity Politics


I really enjoyed this Wall Street Journal video that brought together black liberals and conservatives to calmly discuss issues. On the question of PC or Identity, I really appreciated the notion of missing CHARACTER because I am seeing many individuals control narratives by controlling overwhelming emotions. Emotions are a beautiful gift given to human beings. Intellect and the ability to reason is also a great and very necessary gift of humanity. However, our ‘feelings’ about an issue does make our perceptions 100% infallible. I’m thinking about my children and how they share with me how often YouTubers of their generation lead with their ‘issues’ and their platforms are often marinating in their ‘identity’ crises.

I am tempted to say that no time in history has there been so much confusion about fundamental givens…male or female…left or right…up or down. There are some high schoolers who change ‘gender’ and their coresponding name on a daily basis and the confusion is REAL.

Watching commentary on current issues of the day in the 70s is deeply informative because we see the roots of today’s withering treat. The Women’s Liberation Movement’s propoganda and tactics to win the war for control of women’s narratives was deeply rooted in fearful and negative emotions that seemingly we’re supposed to help women rebirth themselves into a perpetual state of crisis of identity and despair. It really did a number on women (men and children) for the 50 years and counting.
I share these clips because I want my children to be able to think clearly (before being mindlessly carried away by prefabricated emotionalism) in order see THROUGH the false narratives conjured up to support deeply flawed ideological agendas that ultimately do not and will not serve them or bring more peace, justice or happiness to the lives of themselves or their future families.


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