I Need & Require a Strong Protector, Provider

Feminine Energy Thrives…

Feminine Energy is Vulnerability when required. A Facebook friend shared amazing insight on one of my recent “controversial” posts and, with permission, I am excited to share her thoughts and beauty here on IG. I say controversial because those who feel indicted (by women who desire SAHW & SAHM life) decided to voice their dismay about the content of the post.

“Absolutely! I was not created to do a man’s job and for that very reason it’s why I’m not stressed about a job or where our cost of living will come from. I’ve been in hiding for years secretly knowing I felt I need a man, require a man and it’s a non negotiable for me. I must have a strong provider protector in my life. So I adjust my toxicity to as low as possible so a provider protector can easily find his place in my life. If you don’t believe you have toxicities that ward off solid suitors that may be the issue.

Telling (black) women I need a man was one of the worst things I could say. So I’ve lived in secret and silence for years. Yet while watching them struggle with work and personal life balance, they never correlated my ease with needing or having a man… they actually believed I was lucky. This has nothing to do with luck this is about choice. Who I had to show up as was someone who could see my own b.s.

“Sis, what is also beautiful about what you shared is that what you have to live in silence is the being and feeling of a normal woman. The conditions prevalent in the “community” are NOT normal. Having to fill both roles and be pushed to feel that one half of the equation is not needed, is an abnormal aspect of social conditioning.”

More and more, this conversation is being had with and amongst ALL women, not just Black. The 3rd and 4th wave¬†#feminist¬†movement has created the environment in which MORE men (of all races) assume or shoulder LESS responsibility for their families. Women of all races nowadays say they don’t need or want a man in their life. Unfortunately.

Ladies, are you hearing this said more often as the years go by?

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