Hurried Mom Syndrome

HURRIED WOMAN SYNDROME!!! I once lived the excerpt below… I made a firm decision that my next and last marriage would afford me the opportunity to be a present mom, a #SAHM. I would love for all women to slow down and actually experience life, #motherhood and time with their family from a less stressful and burned out perspective.

P.S. I obliged my daughter with this Snapchat… she loves it! Lol

“Ms. Hughes and millions of other women have made the choice to give up their all-consuming careers. Why?

Largely because the feminist battle cry of “having it all” resulted in lots of stress over a myriad of competing demands for time, guilt for the virtual neglect of children, and longing for more home-and-hearth time.

In fact, there is even a new syndrome ascribed to working mothers called “Hurried Woman Syndrome,” a term coined by some in the medical community who listened to women’s complaints about their busy lifestyles.

This syndrome has been defined by the symptoms of weight gain, low #sex drive, moodiness, and fatigue—all due to the stress caused by trying to do too much, not being able to keep up with it, not feeling very accomplished at any of it, resenting anyone who has any expectations (like husband and children), and ending up feeling hostile and depressed.

Cheryl, a listener, sent me a news release about this and added her own thoughts: “In this world of ‘do-it-all moms,’ the ones who have babies, jobs, and every activity imaginable for their children, it is not surprising that the medical community has a newly diagnosed ‘disease’ for women.”

~ Dr. Laura Schlessinger

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