How The Proposition of Value Gives Purpose to Life

Jordan Peterson

“People who have no purpose in their life become embittered by the difficulties of their life”
So, I have been mulling over the detrimental effects that government-based initiatives have had on the very people they are purported to assist by raising them out of poverty.

These initiatives have been so effectively positioned to targeted audiences, over the past 6 decades, that the programs illicit binding and blind approval; despite the fact that the intended results have never been realised.

We are seeing generational dependency, or rather, matter-of-fact expectancy for assistance; which in turn creates dysfunctional conditions derived from, or perhaps are a by-product of, said dependency such as: failed schools, dangerous neighborhoods with higher incidents of crime, murder and a higher threshold for cruelty.

Mr. Peterson speaks to the idea that a lack of purpose in life can make the conditions of one’s life unbearable. In response, I am thinking about how one’s circumstances in poverty stricken environments can be ameliorated if the POSITIVE aspects of THEIR CULTURE has enough overriding effect to the extent that, rather than becoming embittered, the person can bear such conditions while reaching towards the ‘value proposition’ or ideal. But the point is that the person must have initiative.

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Personal initiative and culture could explain why 2 individuals with similar economic circumstances, but from different home cultures, will see different results.

Those lacking cohesive, positive culture and moral code of conduct, within the home, will find life unbearable and lacking in value. If one doesn’t value life, surely crimes such as black on black murder will run rampant.

Sowell argues that government initiatives, such as affirmative action and minimum wage create conditions which makes life harder and drives ambition out of the recipients rather than building them up.

The goal then, no matter one’s circumstances, is to take ownership, create moral codes of conduct where there are none and begin to develop and instill a positive culture within each family member.

And thus the climb up the social ladder begins.

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