How Homeschooling Forces Parental Level Up

While the reason for homeschooling is as varied as the number of families homeschooling, there is one commonality amongst all of them; which is the move towards autonomous thinking and the taking on of personal responsibility for the sake of the child’s education.

The reason why this topic interests me so deeply is because I have been promoting the ‘leveling up’ process for women’s personal lives for several years and its extension into family life is only fitting and a given.

You may be wondering what the leveling up process is. Leveling up is the shifting and elevation of mindset away from the state of being that includes a total lack of self-care and self-love, as well as engaging in relationships and activities which are devaluing and destabilizing to overall well-being.

The idea is that when one engages in healing, therapy and putting oneself first, they begin to make better decisions in every aspect of life. Often, by doing so, they gravitate towards and attract more positive social circles and friendships. Furthermore, if the woman is single, her ideas about dating shift from ‘netflix and chill’ type of incidences to meaningful, commitment oriented relationships and marriage.

This generally happens because in the process of leveling up and with increased self care and self love, she comes into contact with her femininity. Most women have indicated that their self improvement came into sharp contrast with their radical feminist upbringing; which is founded on the extreme dislike of the innate feminine qualities of a woman.

While getting in touch with and reacquainted with her feminine nature, she realizes that there is indeed a difference between a man’s healthy and unhealthy character traits. The men firmly ensconced in their masculinity are wholly different than the men she is accustomed to. They are often much more marriage-oriented and have a preference for gender roles in relationships and marriage.

Now that I have prefaced this blog post with a bit of background information, I wanted to address how the decision to homeschool effects other areas of one’s life. While I could use a lot of flowery words, I think I will simply lay it out straight.

In order to homeschool. depending on the age of the child and the methodology used for education the child, at least ONE parent must be available and present in the home.

This is absolutely necessary to make it happen.

The crux of everything I want to say is that although homeschooling may be desired, if a parent is a single parent, the challenge can feel insurmountable, but not impossible. I was able to homeschool prior to remarrying. Doing so meant I had to work from home and work very long hours in addition to the homeschooling.

There are creative options that single parents can utilize and I will address that in my next post. So please subscribe to my newsletter and follow my Instagram to be sure you don’t miss out on that post.

I will say that one of the many shifts I have noticed among single moms who homeschool is that they tend to begin desiring the presence of a helpful mate, a husband who can take over the responsibility of being the primary breadwinner so that she can focus on educating the children. For me, this is a leveling up of perspective.

The other option is for married parents to decide that one parent stays home and not work. This option is easier than single moms doing it on their own, however for married couples who have never considered a single income household, the idea can be quite unsettling. Please know that many families do it, it’s possible and preferable for the sake of the children and not only as it relates to homeschooling but for all aspects of their childhood.

In my opinion, a family moving into the space of putting the children’s education first and installing a homemaker to make it happen is a form of leveling up. It’s an advanced level of understanding of personal finances, reorients the family dynamics into distinguishable roles and puts the children and family values front and center.

By contrast, people who tend to go with the status quo, follow along with societal ‘norms’ of 1) the only place that children can learn is in government approved public schools 2) even if married, both parents must work and therefore children are to be shuttled from daycare to school to college and off they go on their own to live out the rest of their lives. And since both parents MUST work, public schools are a necessity. When public schooling is a necessity, parents are more prone to experience the social fallout that comes with the ideologies pushed in school. Such adverse ideologies is a major factor in why parents are choosing to homeschool.

As you can see, the cycle is vicious. But what’s for sure, as a mother, I can say without a doubt that the ideologies we subscribe to, do indeed affect the life that we lead and therefore the lives of our children. If we are avowed radical feminists who don’t believe in marriage, gender roles and won’t even consider being a stay at home parent to provide that additional dose of parenting that our children are historically lacking, we will be hard pressed to take these necessary corrective educational steps on behalf of our children.

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