Gaining Weight Isn’t Bad

I would like to suggest that black women (and all women for that matter) be aware of latching on to ideologies that do not support your living well and well being; emotionally, physically and mentally.

It is NOT healthy to be overweight for whatever your body frame should support. It is not THICK, it is not BIG BONED. It is obesity. Any ideology that leads to a culture that supports and excuses obesity is troublesome and problematic.

Also, sexual competition exists and when coupled with coddling and patronizing sympathy, said competition becomes a menacing threat. For many reasons I won’t go into, a lot black women seem to be oriented towards victim politics which allows them to be petted by “well meaning” folks who feel more comfortable with extremely overweight (non-threatening) women who would otherwise be unstoppable if not kept in check.

This screenshot of a post was written by a very young lady who was on my IG page carrying on in the usual feminazi manner of schooling me and calling me a misogynist (lol) and out of curiosity, I took a look at her page.

The use of a brown/black woman in the illustration is duly noted as she is a young thin white woman.

This post is not about “triggered” race baiting so I have no interest in trashing white people or getting in my feelings, or your feelings for that matter, but it is primarily about health and then yes race as it pertains to a culture of fat acceptance.

Far too often, black women are used as the poster child and front line fighters/protestors for other folks’ personal and political agendas. And generally speaking, black women fall for it every time, to our detriment.

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