Forever Grateful to My Husband

Cheers!! There is so much to unpack in this beautiful share below! A well watered woman facilitates the presence of beauty, peace and prosperity for her family.

 By @juanita.flowe 

” I never found the term stay-at-home mom fitting because I don’t stay-at-home all day. I love exploring places (pre-Covid) and traveling with my family. Our home is our base, however we use the riches of this whole planet to learn, grow and contribute. I have had a career in the past, but for me, once I had children, it was difficult to balance and I did not feel as if I was fulfilling my purpose. I am much more feminine now And all of those characteristics are blossoming in me and I am much more at peace. I Am forever grateful to my husband for seeing that this lifestyle Is a blessing for our family and since the change, it has been more prosperous in many ways!”

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