Feminist Movement Sparked Social Disorders and New Level of Narcissism

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Women’s Liberation Movement sparked new social disorders and displayed a high level of narcissism that spirals adherents into massive negativity. Have you ever noticed how negative most social justice warriors are? Never happy, never a moment’s peace, looking under rocks and peering into every book and cranny for crimes against humanity, drumming up reasons for victimization. While I was in the midst of it all, in the 90s, while attending college, it never occurred to me why I was perpetually miserable. My anger and ‘righteous indignation’ never achieved the desired outcomes.

As #CandaceOwens asks, aren’t you tired of being angry and carrying such heavy loads indefinitely? I have found peace with wisdom and truth (facts). I pray that my children don’t fall into the energetic vampirism that is the vigilante left. I don’t want my girls miseducated into the ideology the shames women for wanting the blessings that come with femininity.
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