Families Need Stay-At-Home Moms Now More Than Ever

This is a loaded statement and opinion of mine that actually requires far more articles than this one. To get started, I’d like to share the fact that I am a Wife and Homemaker and have experienced firsthand the experience and benefits. In the next couple of days, I will write separate articles for each bullet point and hyperlink them to this article.

Being a Stay-At-Home Wife and Mom is what I desired for many years prior to being able to achieve it and because of that, I’d like to delve into the personal transformation that what was necessary for me during the time that I was a single, divorced mother:

  1. I had to release myself from the mental, emotional and energetic virus that is radical feminist ideology,
  2. I had to heal from certain traumas associated with the past. These traumas include ideas that I held onto related to parental trauma and past romantic relationship traumas,
  3. I had to study and come to understand the purpose and value of proper dating, courtship and marriage (I was single at the time),
  4. I had to desire and value the very healthy masculine qualities found in the type of man who would share my desire to be a Homemaker,
  5. I had to desire. value and re-educate myself about the very healthy feminine qualities that would make me suitable for being a successful Homemaker,
  6. I had to realign my personal value system to include the most essential value of my role as a parent and the family’s role for children,
  7. I had to dedicate myself to tuning OUT radical leftist ideologies about life and ‘norms’ and ensure that it isn’t the loudest voice in our home.

Each of these factors were significantly important in remarrying and achieving the goal. In my opinions, the road to our children’s success is littered with more ticking time bombs than ever before. No longer can we as parents assume as a foregone conclusion that our small voice of reason or that the voice for our values will win. I realized that with the overwhelmingly LOUD presence of ideologies competing for our children’s attention, they might experience years of devastating setbacks before they wake up to the fact that they have been lied to.

The fact of the matter is, the far left promotes single motherhood, multiple gender identities, anything goes lifestyle, socialism, anarchy, male hatred, radical feminism, cancel culture and over all living a life of angst and anger. When children and teens fall for it, they make decisions that will effect the rest of theirs and that is what, we as parents hope to avoid.

Of course, we can not control our adult children’s lives, however, I do know that we need MORE time with our children. In the age of on-demand social media at the fingertips (via cellphones and other devices) we need to put forth much MORE of an effort to ensure that our children are given the facts, statistics and facts needed before they are swayed to the far left.

Remember, the leaders of the far left are never there to pick up the pieces of broken lives and broken family legacies, once the damage has been done.

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  • Janice Borghini

    Thank you for this…I needed it…being an older mother, I’m having a hard time with all these far left, younger mothers. I’m 55 and my son is almost 9, living in this day and time isn’t easy…co-ops are hard, I think I shelter too much, because I don’t agree with parenting skills from younger mothers…you get me back on track with many of your articles. Again, thank you

    • leahlove

      Thank you so much for your comment. I feel your pain. It’s incredibly difficult to go about the wonderful business of being a Homemaker in a world that doesn’t appreciate us. To add, additional ideologies to the mix can be very disheartening. Never fear, there are women out there like us, however, we have to use the internet for much of our source of comfort in this area. Have you had a chance to follow ‘daily connoisseur’ on youtube? She has a beautiful blog and video series and books and there are plenty of like minded women who follow her that you can connect with as well.


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