Don’t Let the 20th Century Taint your 21st Century Reality

I’ve been almost to the point of feeling rather desperate to impart this imperative upon my younger children still at home. As I have watched 2020 shenanigans and listened to its corresponding rhetoric, I realize that this is a war for the minds of the nation. The generation most effected is the younger one. Their minds are still coming into form and emotional pleas against tyranny will certainly grab their attention.

I have to say that in my opinion, there is a rather inelastic group think amongst a vast majority of lower and middle class Black Americans that promotes a race ideology that has not shifted with the times. In other words, the 19th and 20th century life of the average Black person is wholly different than the life of the average 21st century Black person. Technology, conveniences, advances in equality and mixing of previously segregated populations has made life MUCH easier for a larger percentage of Black people than ever before.

What upper class Black Americans don’t seem to regularly share with lower and middle class Blacks is that having honed their skills and excellence in their particular field of study or career affords them an elevated type of experience via interactions with other races. The UBER wealthy blacks such as entertainers could tell you that they experience a world altogether different than any other type of Black person on earth.

Although we could also say the same for any other race of folks who are UBER rich versus the middle to lower class of their own race, what I’d like to assert the differences in regards to the existence of racism.

Uber black individuals rarely experience racism. Lower to middle class Black people will say that they do experience racism in varying degrees. Uber white individuals never experience racism. Lower to middle class white people will say that they never experience racism. As of late, they may definitely have experienced what is called reverse racism, but they can not honestly say they have experienced 19th and 20th century racism, in my opinion.

What Black folks say amongst themselves is that the Uber wealthy Black people have left them behind. That they don’t care about Black people because they have decided to get ahead and not stay stuck on racial barriers.

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In regards to this topic, what I am sharing with my daughters is that they are to feel especially free to soar to the highest heights and achieve their utmost level best and exhibit excellence in their chosen area of interest.

Race baiters and Blacks who chose to subsist and persist in defeatist mindsets will do their best to create a defeatist attitude within my children and within the gullible at large. They will attempt to hold my children down, pressure them to feel guilty every time they seek to climb up their own personal latter.

True progress has to entail a certain or great amount of individualism in order to achieve. One can not focus on the collective while still in infancy stage themselves. As Reverend Ike is well known for saying, “You can not help the poor by being poor”! Strive and attain excellence, be undeterred! Then when ready reach back to those actually willing to get ahead.

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