Discrimination Has Not Been Pervasively Effective

Some groups have been held back by discrimination and other groups haven’t. A study of life might inform us that culture is the pervading deciding factor that will render the pervading discrimination largely ineffective.

Dr. Thomas Sowell, Economist, on Discrimination

By culture, I am referring to the values and norms that are established within the home and serve as an impetus for thought and action as the family members navigate their way through society. If the family has:

  1. a culture that values education as a means to expand and inform the mind and mechanism for teaching the individual how to think and learn
  2. a culture of entrepreneurship that sets that views life from the position of ownership and personal responsibility for success
  3. a culture of championship, of that of a conqueror or victor in the race of life

the child is much more likely to not allow any pervading real or perceived discrimination to effect their outcomes. When an obstacle such as a rock or a log is thrown into a running stream, the nature of water is to always find ways to go around, under or over the obstacle and will not be deterred. This, I believe, should be the nature of a family. Ideologies and politics which serve victimization on a platter of promises and pipe dreams that doesn’t have faith in a higher power, creativity, ingenuity, flexibility, stamina and a can-do attitude as the core foundation is dead in the stagnant water.

We win by taking ownership of our lives and the paths we choose to follow. Let no voice other than God and yourself as your own cheerleader be loudest in your mind. Truly, it is a pitiable reality to witness those, who at the end of their lives, realize that they had it all wrong by doing the bidding of those who never had their best interest at heart (the radical left).

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