Charity Begins At Home

Our 8 year old has trouble wrapping her mind around cleaning out her room and often takes hours working on one dresser of clothing.

Our 13 year old has trouble deciding how she wants to tweak the arrangement of her room and has been at a stand still in regards to moving the project to completion.

Our 16 year old just needs a good ole fashion, full on, clean out demolition service and the completion of her RATHER artistic wall decor that she started months ago.

I’ve got to finish spray painting a gold antique-style finish on the artwork frames I want to hang in our newly redesigned dining room.

Hubby would like to get the tall ladder and clean the sky window and, of course, I have a couple of projects for him such as hanging a few plants from the ceiling.

We’d also like to hit up our neighborhood pool and then have a leisurely Southern evening cookout.

AND (LOL) I’d like us to watch a documentary together from the 1980s which highlights the rise of teen pregnancies and single parent home legacies in the inner cities. I believe in hitting these issues head on.

Lots to do and to be honest, in keeping with my desire to spend more quality time and more family time with the children, I thought we’d get some of these projects done as a family. It’s much better than everyone going into their own corners and doing their own thing. I think we do enough of that!

So, here’s the plan. One or two family member(s) helps another one complete a task and vice versa. We can get the music going and have a fun family day.

The goal is inspired, on-purpose, togetherness. For most of us, we have the privilege to ponder how to create more connectivity and togetherness in our family. We aren’t all out on farms, working from sun up to sun down eeking out our daily bread.

Our first world problems are centered around how to put away our $500-$1000 devices long enough to really connect, to look into each other’s eyes and build relationships. In doing so, we build bridges and bonds that are the beginnings of reinstalling family values that speak louder that social propaganda and ideologies that seek to tear our family apart and suck our children into social justice warrioring.

I don’t know about you, but I feel empowered to speak values and truth and sit firmly in the driver’s seat, for the sake of our family.

How about you? What’s on your to-do list for today?

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