Baby Showers Before Bridal Showers?

Having multiple baby showers and never having had a bridal shower or been married, is the new norm. Marriage is so very much passe, they say. After all, it’s not necessary to have a man around in order to have a baby, they say. Women can do it all by ourselves, they say.

This is the message younger generations hear repetitively in main stream media and perhaps in their own families. However, there has to be push back. There has to come a moment when those of us who are conservative OR those of us who have already been down that road of single parenthood, finally speak the truth, despite the pressure to do otherwise. We have to realize that there is always going to be a younger generation of girls, who will one day grow into womanhood. If these girls have NEVER heard it sang, ‘First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes (insert name) with the baby carriage’, how will they know that it is actually a ‘thing’ (as they say) to get married and THEN have kids?

With radical feminism currently controlling the airwaves and thus the narrative, there is a great deal of coercion of young minds into a level of ‘freedom’ and ‘liberation’ that has yet to work in women’s favor when the chips fall & reality hits.

Single motherhood is exhausting for the mother and the children.

Single motherhood sinks more women into poverty.

Single motherhood robs children of the experience of having a father in the home.

Single motherhood robs the mother of having the father be legally responsible to her as her husband.

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Young girls and boys need positive examples to follow and more times than not, when the example is that of being raised by a single mother who does not value marriage, the child will then replicate that experience in their own lives.

There are so many excuses for why a woman chooses not to marry, but again, I have had to take a step back from the narrative and realize that these excuses are based on high levels of self-centered, selfishness.
I’ve heard it all in regards to choosing single parenthood on purpose from, not wanting to give up their freedom, to there not being enough eligible, marriage minded men.

Surely, if there are men around with which to have sex, there are also men around with whom to marry.

It comes down to false expectations, attraction to the lowest elements in men and illusions of grandeur. A lot of women have decided they won’t commit unless he is Brad Pitt.

Please think of the babies.

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