Ayaan Hirsi Ali “I Am Not A Victim”

If you know her life story, you can deeply appreciate her view on Western “Intersectionality” as taking advantage of White Guilt to perpetually push the victimhood narrative from privileged youth.

Ms. Ali is an incredibly beautiful human being who could easily and truthfully claim victim status because she has seen more in life (which is constantly threatened by radical Islamists requiring 24/7 bodyguards) than 99.5% of privileged American feminists and social “warriors”. She is so very insightful and inspiring! And to be honest, I admire how soft spoken and polite she is. I would love for young women to see such poise when speaking passionately about topics that matter to her. No need to scream and yell to get the point across.

Truly, she humbles me.
I will purchase her book to share and read with the family because I want them exposed to real problems and progress and thus expand their minds and horizons.
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