A Tale of Two Black Americas

We are entering an interesting time as black Americans; a time where every single one of our fates will be sealed in permanency.

On one end, you have black people who strongly believe they are being held back, and they want the entire country to know it. They are willing to go as far as defunding the police in their areas to give them more freedom.

On the other end, there are flourishing black people who don’t harbor a victim mentality, doesn’t care what people may think of them due to skin color, and they will move themselves away from the victimized black folks to prevent them from being stuck in an immovable situation.

With all this “defund the police” talk going on, black people are failing to use their brains to realize they are about to be used as lab rats by the liberals; yet again. Because the fact of the matter is this, “police brutality” is only affecting their areas (if we let them tell it). So the liberals will give them what they want and watch as their neighborhoods turn into desolate war zones.

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The poverty rate will shoot up to astronomical levels, and black women who cape with these fools will become the victims of the very men they stood behind. No one will ever enter these areas, and no one will ever be able to leave (because they’re broke).

Now, on the other end, black people, black families (those of us who are free thinkers) will move even further away from these doomed areas to protect ourselves and families. We will continue to thrive with the existence of competent police officers and our families will be safe.

Thriving black families will prosper even more as they continue to innovate for the greater good of their communities. The wealth gap will be so great amongst black Americans, that we will no longer be relatable to each other. Our life experiences will be so different, we will have nothing to talk about or share.

Prosperous black Americans will congregate amongst their own. They will build together, travel together, our children will marry each other. Oh, black America, the great divide is upon us, and how you move from this time forward will seal your fate forever.

It’s crunch time.

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