A Path to Regaining the Idea of Black Citizenship in the U.S.

I recently watched an incredibly engaging interview of Bevelyn Beatty which I thoroughly enjoyed and in passing, and a question came up about how she became who she is today, how she came to know what she knows about American history, politics and race. She mentioned that a man by the name of David Barton was an inspirational teacher for her.

Being the curator that I am, I immediately wrote down his name and began to look up videos of his talks. As a side note, I’d like to mention that I finally got a taste of Google censorship that I have heard so much about. When I input his name in Google search, the first page was filled with articles that debunked David Barton. I realized that Google wanted to discourage anyone from further researching him. But you know me. I did just that. Researched him further.

While I perused various video clips, I became excited to hear him speak about Black heroes of the Revolutionary war. It piqued my curiosity since, as a family, we have been studying the war with my 13 year old for her social studies class. The more I listened to Mr. Barton, the more I began to become conscious about how much has been left out of history books AND out of Black Studies curriculum. It’s important to realize that both White and Black people have elected to remove and/or NEVER highlight the stories of the numerous freed or free black people, particularly those in the North. There is rarely any mention of black presence and contribution to the very founding of this country. Here is a great example:

The point here is that when you remove a people from the fundamental participation in a country where they have lived for over 400 years, and then add the unsavory presence of slavery, Jim Crowe, red lining, etc., you can begin to understand why that group of people would have no vested interest in believing that they truly belong in the country. Add to this, the constant propoganda of the Democratic party victimization scheme and you have a recipe for mental and emotional disenfranchisement.

I will be sharing more as I learn more from this great teacher. Until then, please continue opening your mind, learning and growing!

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