A Homemaker’s Dream

Written by @iamlushparadise 

This Quarantine places even more emphasis on the way I’ve chosen to live for quite a long time.

I’ve always been a home body.
I’m used to not leaving home for long periods of time.
I love being around my family.
I enjoy deep connection.
I enjoy a peaceful life.
I love reading amazing books.
I love to meditate and pray.
I enjoy going outside into my back yard to plant my bare feet onto damp earth and ground.
I love everything about the home because there’s always something to do in it. I know that if I get bored, I’m not looking deep enough and must get my life all the way together lol.

There’s deep alchemy and creativity in Keeping House.
The Feminine Arts~ like crocheting, cooking, braiding hair (beautification),washing dishes, knitting, sweeping, etc… and its repetitive movements (for me) slips me into a deeply embodied and meditative state.

I weave love into my daughter’s hair as I braid it.
I weave love into the lives of all those I care for.
I infuse love into the food as I cook and serve my family.
I speak blessings into a glass of water before serve my Husband.

I visualize beautiful colors flowing through my home after I clean~ like emerald green, soft gold, purple, and soft white light.

I whisper love into my plants.
I study in pods with my sister-friends, have uplifting, enlightening conversation, and deep belly laughs.

I whisper blessings over my children as they fall asleep.
I live a magical, mundane life.

Everything that occurs in life points us back to what matters the most. The current events are doing just that.

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