A Cadre of Untriggerable Youths

A working document

We need a cadre of untriggerable Black youth being raised to focus solely on the intentional sowing and reaping of the fruits of an honest and verifiable belief system founded on the principle that Black Lives Really Matter.

What is a cadre? It is a small group of people specially trained for a particular purpose or profession.

What is untriggerable? The state of mind that is steeled against intrusion of oppositional or distractionary forces to the extent that is he/she is capable of sustaining focus on an end goal for an extended period of time. Infallible to attempts at emotional defeat.

What is ‘being raised’? Intentional parental taking back into their hands the control over the rearing of the child with the purpose of equipping them with the knowledge, wisdom and understanding to develop into untriggerable youths and adults capable of intentionally sowing and reaping of the fruits of an honest and verifiable belief system founded on the principle that Black Lives Really Matter.

What is intentional sowing? Engaging in purposeful training and activities in the educational, social, civic, physical, economic, philanthropic and other spheres of life with the aim of broadening, shaping and equipping the individual’s character, knowledge base, ability and skill set as well as building an enormous respect for God, for human life and for progress and prosperity.

What is reaping the fruits of? Enjoying the natural outcome of a culmination of the multi pronged (above-mentioned) approach to sewing which is the advancement and preservation of the individual, family, community and national well-being. Examples of such outcomes would be the ability to maintain intact families that are cohesive and oriented towards familial prosperity, increased ability to provide goods and services to their own community, with the enriching and stabilizing effect that supports safety for children, promotion of educational pursuits and continuity. Inherent in reaping the fruits is the notion that the above mentioned outcomes create conditions in which individuals can afford to intentionally lay the groundwork and blueprint which their progeny can improve upon and advance to higher levels in the coming generations.

What is an honest and verifiable belief system? Honest is synonymous with sincerity that lacks a motive laced with deceit. Verifiable is that which is able to be checked or demonstrated to be true, accurate, or justified. Belief system is a set of principles or tenets which together form the basis of a religion, philosophy, or moral code.

What is principle? A rule or belief governing one’s personal behavior. Morally correct behavior and attitudes

What is Black Lives Really Matter? A guiding principle held by those who characterize themselves as Black which upholds and promotes a culture capable of prioritizing the preservation and educational, social, physical, mental and economic advancement of the life of those who characterize themselves as Black.

Each portion of this working document will be fleshed out in more details in the coming days.

I do not believe that empty slogans will achieve the desired effects. I do not believe that Black Lives Matter is an honest and verifiable belief system and movement if it remains silent on black on black crime and day to day promotion of a dysfunctional culture which is inclusive of degrading music, elevation of pimp and ho culture, rampant baby mama babydaddyism, promotion of radical feminism and false or impotent masculinity which had no interest in providing for and sustaining viable family structures to the detriment of the children born into mental and economic impoverishment.
If you also do not believe in superficial slogans and movements that resurface predominantly in election years and do nothing to end the above mentioned examples of disrespect to black lives, please tag like minds and let’s get to work incorporating measures in our homes to make a difference.

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